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Add serialization tests for combination units of "%" and "em" of flex-basis and word-spacing properties


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Per Bug 1359786 comment 16:
> (In reply to Hiroyuki Ikezoe (:hiro) from comment #16)
> I think the problem does not happen when the computed value is calculated
> through in StyleAnimationValue::AddWeighted() (i.e not at offset 0 or 1). 
> So it's probably just a serialization problem (I mean it's not an animation
> problem).
> A bad sideeffect of this change what I can think of is that it's hard to
> notice if someone fix bug 1291187 unintentionally.  So it would be good to
> add an automation test for it. We have already such test cases somewhere in
> layout/style/test?

Even we re-enabled the animation tests, it doesn't mean that the serialization issue is resolved (note that Bug 1291187 still remains). So, it would be better to add tests to really reflect the serialization issues in Bug 1291187.

I think we can add combination units of "%" and "em" as valid other values for  flex-basis and word-spacing properties in property_database.js. Then, we shall be able to test them through test_value_computation.html or test_compute_data_with_start_struct.html. Though I haven't walked through all the layout/style/test_*.html files....
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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