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UTCToLocalStandardOffsetSeconds blocks startup with main thread IO on Windows (calling _tzset)


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Bug 1330890 is adding a resist fingerprinting service which wants to call _tzset().  It seems like that would be a nice place to centralize the logic of calling _tzset off the main thread on Windows.
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Should this even be happening in the chrome process if e10s is enabled? Is there a purpose to this other than masking a user's timezone for JS running in the content process?
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That is a great question!  Arthur?
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> That is a great question!  Arthur?

I think Doug is right -- for anti-fingerprinting purposes, we only need to mask the true timezone in the content process.
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Bug 1361500 - Don't call _tzset on startup

Very nice!
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Bug 1361500 - Don't call _tzset on startup

Looks good to me too. Thanks!
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Quick update on this: it's causing non-e10s tests to fail right now, because it checks if we're e10s before we've actually loaded the profile's prefs.js, which is where the e10s defaults are overridden. This causes us to cache the wrong e10s setting and seems to break Firefox in a bunch of random ways. In any case, Arthur, are there specific requirements for when nsRFPService::Init needs to be called? For my change to work, it needs to be called before the first content process is created, but are there other reasons why it's called specifically where it's called, or does it just need to happen some time during startup?
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Tim, do you have any advice for Doug? Thanks.
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The main purpose of nsRFPService::Init() is to add the observer for 'privacy.resistFingerprinting', cache its value and update TZ value accordingly. So, this initialization should happen before any fingerprinting resistance checks for making sure every check gets a correct value. 

Most of fingerprinting resistance checks are triggered by the content, so init it before the first content process will do for them. But, there are two exceptions, the timezone setting and the window size rounding. For timezone setting, it looks good to me for you to move the initialization. For the window size rounding, if the timing of the first content process is after the creation of chrome window, and I suppose it is, then I think it will also be good.
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Bug 1361500 - (2) Move e10s check after profile load
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Don't call _tzset on startup r=arthuredelstein,Ehsan
(2) Move e10s check after profile load r=Ehsan
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