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Implement 'add' and 'accumulate' for stroke-dasharray


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: chenpighead, Unassigned)




In Bug 1360144, we added an expected-fail test to test the non-additive stroke-dasharray property. We should find a better way to do so if possible. Maybe we could do some tweaks so that no 'testAddition' is expected for non-additive properties in the test [1] in addition-per-property.html

Now I discussed with Brian about this.  We decided to make stroke-dasharray additive for web animations but not for SMIL.

As for SMIL we have already checked that stroke-dasharray is non-additive property [1], so here in this bug, we just need to implement it.

Summary: Investigate a way to test non-additive animatable stroke-dasharray property → Implement 'add' and 'accumulate' for stroke-dasharray
Priority: -- → P3
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