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Enable eslint on caps/


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Changes are mostly mechanical substitutions. All the js files in caps/ are under caps/tests.

browser_checkloaduri.js has a curious structure that seems to confuse eslint on several counts; rather than try to address all the issues with annotations, I thought it best to just skip the file.
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enable eslint on caps/

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Looks good, but there's a couple of things I think we can improve on.

::: caps/tests/mochitest/.eslintrc.js
@@ +1,5 @@
> +"use strict";
> +
> +module.exports = {
> +  "extends": [
> +    "plugin:mozilla/mochitest-test"

The browser_checkloaduri.js issue is because caps is including mochitests & browser tests in the same directory (see the mochitest.ini and browser.ini). As a result, you need to add:


here, that should solve most of the issues in that file.

Alternately file a follow-up, and we'll set it up as a mentored bug once this lands.

::: caps/tests/mochitest/test_bug292789.html
@@ +25,4 @@
>   ** even for ALLOW_CHROME mechanisms (<script>, <img> etc)
>   **/
> +/* globals gTreeUtils */

Since this file is actually loading the treeUtils.js script, it is cleaner to do:

/* import-globals-from ../../../toolkit/content/treeUtils.js */

That'll also mean if anyone changes gTreeUtils in that file, and misses this test, then eslint will pick it up.
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See Also: → 1362421
I added the browser-test plugin: It fixes all the "easy" issues in that test, but not the ones that are giving me pause -- I filed bug 1362421 to follow-up.

I also changed from globals to import-globals-from - I totally agree that's better. Thanks!
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enable eslint on caps/

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Great, thanks for the updates.
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Enable eslint on caps/ directory; r=standard8
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