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Add option for just getting commit range for two dates without downloading / testing builds


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Sometimes we find out via Telemetry that a regression has occurred on some metric in the wild from one Nightly build to the next.

I used to manually get the commit ID for the before and after Nightly's from and get hgweb to show me the comparison. That's time consuming.

I then realized that mozregression has this capability already. For example, if I care about a regression that occurred in the April 5th, 2017 Nightly build, I can do:

./mach mozregression --good 2017-04-04 --bad 2017-04-05

and it'll spit out the commit range.

It'll also then start to try to bisect via taskcluster, which isn't exactly what I want, so I Ctrl-C out.

So this is useful, but I wonder if we could make it easier to avoid that last step by providing a --range-only or something flag to mozregression to just generate the commit range and then exit.
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