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Support unit-less values for CSS -webkit-perspective (for interop)


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One of the first 3d transform demos, , does not work correctly in Firefox because the #container element has -webkit-perspective: 800; with a unit-less number.
Reclassifying as CSS Parsing & Computation -- the fix here would be in the CSS Parser.
Component: Layout → CSS Parsing and Computation
Summary: Should we support unit-less -webkit-perspective? → Support unit-less values for CSS -webkit-perspective (for interop)
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Priority: -- → P3
Mike, is this something that should be in the Compat spec?
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(In reply to Cameron McCormack (:heycam) from comment #3)
> Mike, is this something that should be in the Compat spec?

Yeah, if need to implement it, it should be. I'll file a bug (if one doesn't already exist).
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If we want to implement this, it can be a good first bug I think.
Err, disregard my previous comment. Still I think it's not worth unless we find a real website which is broken that isn't

Eric, looks like Chromium still parses -webkit-perspective: <integer>. Does the Chrome team have any use counter for it by any chance?
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Chrome does have a use counter:
unitless -webkit-perspective non-zero length
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(In reply to Eric Willigers from comment #8)
> Chrome does have a use counter:
> unitless -webkit-perspective non-zero length

Ouch, that use counter is quite high. I guess it doesn't account for fallback, i.e., something like

  -webkit-perspective: 800; perspective: 800px;

But still... :)
I'd prefer to at least get a single report of a broken page because of this before going ahead and implementing it, but I guess if it breaks websites we'd need to implement this quirk...
I agree. I filed this bug only based on the Webkit demo and I haven't seen breakage caused by it elsewhere.
Karl, have you seen any real-world bustage related to this?
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The two places I thought about were:

but no issue. 

so… 0 bustage to my knowledge and/or memory
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Depending on how this goes, we might need to make sure this is documented properly.

Keywords: dev-doc-needed

Migrating Webcompat whiteboard priorities to project flags. See bug 1547409.

Webcompat Priority: --- → ?

See bug 1547409. Migrating whiteboard priority tags to program flags.

It seems like we found a real site relying on this, but they updated it and it's working now (

Webcompat Priority: ? → revisit
Webcompat Priority: revisit → P3
Flags: webcompat?
Severity: normal → S3

hi there, I notice this bug while trying to find a good-first-issue and I'd like to work on it though, with reading through this bugzilla and the whatwg/compat issue, I'm not sure if Firefox would like to support unit-less values for -webkit-perspective. May I confirm it before trying to work on it? Thank you.

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