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Private window shows notifications from the site in normal window


(Core :: DOM: Service Workers, defect, P3)




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firefox59 --- affected


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Build ID: 20170413192749

Steps to reproduce:

I have had Telegram Web session in a pinned tab in normal (non private) Firefox window. Then I closed Firefox, restarted OS and lunched a Private window by clicking 'New private window' from Firefox shortcut in the Windows taskbar. 

Actual results:

As Private window has started, it showed new Notification with a chat message from the Telegram which was sent to me while Firefox was closed. There no tab with Telegram, but there is a notification. 

Expected results:

I am not sure, but I expected that no sessions to sites where I signed in should be opened with Private window start.
Component: Untriaged → Private Browsing
Marking as P3 and verified on Firefox 59. We will need to determine the right behavior here before we work on it.
Priority: -- → P3
What happens if you click the notification?  Does it open the tab in the private browsing window, create a new non-PB window for the tab, or do nothing?

I think the right thing to do is open a new non-PB window for the tab.  Other behavior there is probably a bug.

I don't think showing the notification is a problem, though.  The notifications is not "in" the PB window.  Its an overlay that's unrelated to whatever window you happen to be looking at.

Move to service workers component because this is basically a question for how clients.openWindow() should work.
Component: Private Browsing → DOM: Service Workers
Product: Firefox → Core
Version: 53 Branch → Trunk
Severity: normal → S3
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