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Add awsy tests to talos group


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It probably makes sense to (loosely) associate awsy with talos so that something like '--rebuild-talos 5' would also run awsy 5 times. On the flip side when someone specifies '-u all' it might make sense to exclude awsy which takes ~60 minutes.

For example I'm running some perf tests on stylo code and wanted to include awsy, the way for me to accomplish this is currently:

> ./mach try -b o -p win32,win64,linux,linux64,macosx64 -u awsy-e10s,sy-e10s -t all --rebuild 10

Something like the following might be better:

> ./mach try -b o -p win32,win64,linux,linux64,macosx64 -u none -t all --rebuild-talos 10
I believe we need to move awsy into the talos test-set:

then remove it from being duplicated in the platforms:

there is a problem I see though- we do not run talos on windows 10 right now (ideally later this month), and we do not run AWSY on OSX.  We would need to adjust the scheduling of AWSY to not run it on nightly and on every push.

So a few things to sort out here.
Component: General → AWSY
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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