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Intermittent text/wordwrap-02.html == text/wordwrap-02-ref.html | image comparison, max difference: 1, number of differing pixels: 1


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firefox57 --- fixed
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this started on oct 2nd as a high frequency failure, I have just kicked off some retriggers to maybe identify the root cause:

:jfkthame, this has started (perma?) failing on android in the last 2 days, is this something you can take a look at or recommend disabling?
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I have no idea why this has suddenly become more frequent, but AFAICS (at least in the cases I've looked at) the discrepancy is just a single corner pixel of the textarea's frame; it's nothing to do with the content actually being tested. As such, I would vote for just annotating it as fuzzy and moving on.
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If you can pinpoint a recent regression (IMO this looks more like a graphics than layout issue, actually), maybe we can do something, but otherwise this is what I'd suggest.
the retriggers didn't show any patterns/root causes, I would recommend r? for the fuzzy patch.
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Bug 1363945 is just the same: upper right pixel, failing frequently on Android beginning around when the changes for bug 
1381434 landed. I've ni'd schien in bug 1363945. (But this was a pre-existing problem...fuzzy-if might be the best way forward.)
Blocks: 1381434
See Also: → 1363945
(In reply to Geoff Brown [:gbrown] from comment #25)
> upper right pixel

Sorry -- upper left pixel.
I guess bug 1381434 is likely to have affected timing of the webfont load used in these tests, and in turn that probably affects (re)painting behavior, e.g. depending whether or not the completion of the font load triggers an additional reflow/paint cycle after the initial page load has happened.
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Mark testcase as fuzzy on Android due to unreliable corner pixel of the frame

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Mark testcase as fuzzy on Android due to unreliable corner pixel of the frame. r=dholbert
I assume this is fixed, we haven't merged in a while.
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