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stylo: Snapshot matching against states isn't right


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Consider this testcase:

    span { color: green; }
    :any-link + span { color: red; }
  <body onload="document.querySelector('a').removeAttribute('href');">
    <a href=""></a><span>This should be green</span>

This fails in stylo: the text is red.  I believe that happens because in servo/components/style/ in the match_non_ts_pseudo_class impl inside "impl<'a, E> Element for ElementWrapper<'a, E> where E: TElement," we have this bit:

        let flag = pseudo_class.state_flag();
        if flag.is_empty() { return something; }
        match self.snapshot().and_then(|s| s.state()) {
            Some(snapshot_state) => snapshot_state.contains(flag),

Now in this case, the pseudo-class is :any-link for which state_flag, for Gecko, returns IN_VISITED_OR_UNVISITED_STATE, which is IN_VISITED_STATE|IN_UNVISITED_STATE.  Since those two states are mutually exclusive, the snapshot can never contain them both, so snapshot_state.contains(flag) is false.  Hence we don't think there's any restyling to do on the <span> in the testcase.

I tried hacking the above to do snapshot_state.intersects(flag) and that fixes the above testcase.

Is that generally the right fix?  That is, what are the semantics of pseudo_class.state_flag() for purposes of this code?  The reason I ask is that I'm also trying to fix this code to handle :dir() correctly (bug 1364280) and for :dir the relevant states have a slightly different meaning than for :any-link.
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Yes, it is the right fix. Indeed, this used to be buggy in normal elements too not too long ago, and when I fixed it I left this comment[1]:

    // NB: It's important to use `intersect` instead of `contains`
    // here, to handle `:any-link` correctly.

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