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stylo: Implement PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent


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@counter-style needs a mechanism to invalidate all style data (recompute all data in style structs) after rule changes. It currently uses PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent in Gecko to do so asynchronously from nsPresContext::FlushCounterStyles. We probably need something similar in Stylo.
emilio, could you provide some suggestion on how should we do this?

It seems to me RebuildAllStyleData in ServoRestyleManager is actually async somehow. I wonder whether we can just duplicate some of its code to Post*Event one...
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Duplicate of this bug: 1360805
You mean async in the sense that the restyle is posted asynchronously? If so, yes.

If you want it synchronously you should be able to do:


Would that work for you?
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Bug 1364824: Implement ServoRestyleManager::PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent.

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> +Bug 1364824: Implement ServoRestyleManager::PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent. r?heycam
> +
> +MozReview-Commit-ID: I9HmM9ZMB2c
> +Signed-off-by: Emilio Cobos Álvarez <>

Probably don't need this line.
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Bug 1364824: Make RebuildAllStyleData's flush async too.

OK, let's try.
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Bug 1364824: Make RebuildAllStyleData's flush async too.

::: servo/components/style/gecko/
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>  impl PerDocumentStyleDataImpl {
>      /// Reset the device state because it may have changed.
>      ///
>      /// Implies also a stylesheet flush.
>      pub fn reset_device(&mut self, guard: &SharedRwLockReadGuard) {

> error: unused variable: `guard`
It seems somehow the patch doesn't quite work :/

The first patch doesn't fix the issue of bug 1328319, and the second patch has startup crash.
The second patch doesn't work because I forgot to force_dirty the stylesheets, and because we definitely rely on it being sync (some font-face tests assert without it).

I'll land the first patch because it fixes some font-face tests:

Then file a bug to make the flush async, which requires a few more changes.
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Implement ServoRestyleManager::PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent. r=heycam
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