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add patcher config for DevEdition


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We'll need one to ship it as a release style build!
Blocks: 1353825
No longer blocks: dawn-project
  * patcher config bumper should use stage_product to generate URLs to the candidates directory, see first attempt at
  * add a new patcher config, the same gist
  * review/land to enable the patch above
I've landed these on . I think they'll work for a staging beta if we pre-populate the mars, though my understanding is very fuzzy here.

When we land for real (for 55.0b1 or whatever production pre-55.0b1 beta), this was our thinking:

16:04 <nthomas> I’m trying to find what we used to have for a minimal skeleton in hg history
16:11 <nthomas> is the most recent, I think
16:11 <nthomas> still need a previous release in there
16:11 <aki> ok
16:13 <aki> looks like we have 2 previous atm
16:13 <nthomas> for jamun ?
16:13 <aki> in ?
16:14 <nthomas> (btw, in 651f86737204 there is some now deprecated crud, eg <rc>, actions
16:14 <nthomas> hmm, so which doesn’t exist
16:14 <aki> with we can populate b6 and b7
16:15 <aki> with some complete mars
16:15 <aki> i think
16:16 <nthomas> I’m a bit confused again. There’s what we want for testing, and what we want for the first ‘for real’ devedition
16:17 <aki> sure
16:17 <aki> so your comments above were for the latter?
16:17 <nthomas> yeah, pretty much
16:17 <nthomas> doing the former is obviously valuable too
16:18 <aki> how do we deal with the "previous release" if it was only nightly-channel stuff? fake it?
16:18 <aki> for "for real" devedition
16:21 <nthomas> I’m not sure tbh, it depends a lot how funsize finds the previous release to generate those partials
16:21 <aki> ideally we get this done sooner so we can do a test run with 54.0bX
16:22 <nthomas> maybe we copy from firefox/nightly/ to devedition/candidates/last-nightly/ with appropriate path munging and renaming ?
16:22 <aki> sure
16:23 <nthomas> and then bung that into balrog, pretty sure that’s where funsize goes
I pushed something in hope it fixes it:

I think we have to use "firefox" as product in the command line and handle the "url" variable somehow...
Will test and with the following hack:

diff --git a/releasetasks/templates/desktop/updates.yml.tmpl b/releasetasks/templates/desktop/updates.yml.tmpl
index 5fa5a5f..9300dd7 100644
--- a/releasetasks/templates/desktop/updates.yml.tmpl
+++ b/releasetasks/templates/desktop/updates.yml.tmpl
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
                 branch: "{{ repo_path }}"
                 revision: "{{ mozharness_changeset }}"
-                product: "{{ product }}"
+                product: firefox
                 version: "{{ version }}"
                 appVersion: "{{ appVersion }}"
                 build_number: {{ buildNumber }}
the hack didn't work because the "product" property is set in the builder and probably overrides the one I tried to pass.
Worst case scenario, we can generate and bump the config manually, then generate the update verify configs, commit, tag, push. Until we fix this.
* swapped back to <Devedition> in the patcher config, which allowed it to be bumped (build 10)
* granted stage-ffxbld permissions for Devedition product in staging Balrog  (will need to do this in production for ffxbld)
* now it's stuck on 
    Caught HTTPError: {"data": ["Blob contains forbidden domain(s)"]}
  presumably because no '' in
  or staging equivalent for the last point. Made a note about permissions in bug 1366326.
Assignee: nobody → rail
Depends on: 1365589
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Bug 1365590 - Pass --stage-product to patcher config bumper  a=release DONTBUILD
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Pass --stage-product to patcher config bumper r=bhearsum a=release DONTBUILD
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Bug 1365590 - Pass --stage-product to patcher config bumper  a=release DONTBUILD
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Bug 1365590 - add patcher config for DevEdition
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