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Consider simplifying the path in chrome://branding/content/identity-icons-brand.svg


(Firefox :: Theme, enhancement)

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(Reporter: jwatt, Unassigned)



(Keywords: perf)

Johann points out in bug 1363059 comment 5 that chrome://branding/content/identity-icons-brand.svg loads in the identity block in the address bar when loading about:home. The path in that icon is way, way more detailed than it needs to be for displaying at that size.

It could also do with being broken up into separate path elements since the various pieces don't overlap and don't require changing 'fill-rule'. (Such long paths sometimes don't scale very well (in terms of perform) so it's nice to avoid combining paths that don't overlap into a single path element.)
We should probably talk about the release branding icon instead of the Nightly icon. It also looks complex but I'll leave that analysis to jwatt. All the icons are here:
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