Set privacy.resistFingerprinting to define a default and make it discoverable

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3 months ago
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1333933 +++

Bug 1329996 tracks Core efforts to make fingerprinting more difficult. As part of this, bug 1333933 will introduce "normalization" (spoofing) of the user agent and other prefs when this feature is enabled. This is Toolkit code and about to land. Other parts are implemented in browser/ thus won't affect us unless we decide to port those (see meta bug dependencies).

We don't have privacy.resistFingerprinting defined anywhere, but should probably do it on trunk. Also, once this is implemented and functional on the core side and verified working for us, we could consider exposing this feature in the Privacy & Security prefpane (new bug to be filed once completed).

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3 months ago
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Simple patch

I don't know if frg is allowed to review this, thus picking IanN as default... ;-)
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Simple patch

I think it is ok when I review it :)

NIT could you find out in which bug this was added for Fx and adjust the comment.
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3 months ago
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Expanded pref description

The pref itself was made visible in firefox.js just a bit over two months ago by bug 1345322 (which has the complexity of this bug here, i.e., a only-line addition), but it has been around for a while already (sure would be nice to have a DXR function "show me the earliest patch where XYZ is mentioned...").

So, it appears that the pref as such was introduced as part of bug 418986 mozilla-central changeset 3abb08512b24 and then subsequently used in other fingerprinting patches to enable privacy features. It was changed to an actual service with bug 1330890 mozilla-central changeset 0fedf8c86ceb. Thus, I tend to refer to the latter rather given the central meaning of that service as well as to the meta bug 1329996 to avoid overcrowding of the comment here.

Let me know if you agree and I'll push this patch.
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Thanks. I am fine with either bug 1345322 or bug 1329996.
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3 months ago
Ok, I'll go with the meta bug as posted given that it provides more information.
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