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nexus-4-9 is not quitting but is instead waiting to be killed during s1s2tests


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The reason that nexus-4-9 / remote-nytimes is falling so far behind is that it is not quitting pages as it should.

2017-05-25 08:47:53,439       nexus-4-9 INFO     S1S2TestJob mozilla-central 20170523195543 opt api-17 android-api-15 remote-nytimes killing org.mozilla.fennec

This means we wait for up to a minute for each page load before killing fennec and attempting the next load. This takes the time to run the test from 6-7 minutes to 20 minutes or more.

nexus-4-7 / remote-twitter, nexus-4-8 / remote-blank do not have this problem.

bad  20170512114218
good 20170505120444

affects samsung gs3 sdk15 and nexus 4 sdk17.

working on bisecting now. snorp?
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Actually, I'm not sure what is up. mozregression is kind of broken due to

E/PackageManager(  538): Package org.mozilla.fennec_aurora has no signatures that match those in shared user org.mozilla.
fennec.sharedID; ignoring!
W/PackageManager(  538): Package couldn't be installed in /data/app/org.mozilla.fennec_aurora-1.apk

and manually I get inconsistent results...
The basic issue is that Android 4.0/4.2 fire the onload event properly but
the call to AutophoneQuitter.quit does not succeed for the nytimes page which contains a reference to a missing script file and throws exceptions due to errors.

We work around the problem by invoking the quit method from a setTimeout 5 seconds after the script is loaded. I've also switched the load handler to being attached to the document rather than the window object. This has resolved the issues locally for all remote s1s2 tests.

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Although this worked reliably locally, this does not work for nexus-4-9. We will have to work around it another way. 

We can't use am set-inactive followed by am force-stop since am set-inactive is not available until android 6.0 sdk 23.

By the time we call wait_for_fennec after running the test, we really want the app to terminate immediately. We can change the wait time for wait_for_fennec and kill the app quicker if necessary. I'll test this out locally.
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Commenting out the inclusion of the missing eideticker.js file appears to fix the issue here locally without needing to change quitter.js.

I hate to change the test file, but if this works with no other change it is the best choice.
Actually that is wrong. I was testing master which had the quitter.js change still in effect. More testing is required.
The previous patch did not help as much as I had hoped. Also, I changed the local version of nytimes to not have js errors and it had no effect either.

reverting, r=self.
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Use am to bring the home screen to the front putting fennec/geckoview into the background, then use am to force stop, kill and if necessary the shell kill command to kill the process.
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PS. Also shortens the period we wait during wait_for_fennec.

We'll still be killing the process on nexus 4 but it will be cleaner and won't take as long.

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