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Don't throttle playback unless the network is "fast", rather than unless we've hit "canplaythrough"


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I'm not satisfied with the work in 1364001, so I'm taking it upon myself to satisfy myself.

My concern is that people with slow connections will suffer from "buffering anxiety", and will in fact want to buffer the entire resource, irrespective of the "canplaythrough" state. i.e., they won't want the download to stop part way through once we've downloaded enough that our canplaythrough logic thinks the remaining part of the file can be played without needing to stop to buffer. Users on slow connections are more likely to want to download the entire resource, even if that may not be strictly necessary.

That is certainly what I have wanted in the past when I have had trouble with a slow connection.

So I think we should change so that we only throttle the download when we hit the readahead limit on desktop only when the connection is fast enough that the user is unlikely to have buffering anxiety. I don't think we should use the canplaythrough logic to gate throttling.

Also, we should not be changing the behaviour of Firefox for Android here; on Android the calculus is different as typically data connections are metered and battery life is also an issue. So we should revert to the old behaviour of throttling when the readahead limit is hit irrespective of the network speed/canplaythrough state on mobile.
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Bug 1367950 - Only throttle download of src=url video if the download is 'fast' on desktop.

It is hard to assume the user intention for best user experience. Without throttling, we will bring bug 1347174 back where user on slow connection will wait for the entire file to be buffered which however will never happen due to the limited cache size and all bandwidth in the end is wasted in downloading and discarding data (see bug 1347174 comment 10 for the detail). We need to figure out a way to solve bug 1347174 correctly.
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Only throttle download of src=url video if the download is 'fast' on desktop. r=jwwang
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