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Consider aggressive culling of persisted telemetry in "low storage" situations




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10 months ago
6 months ago


(Reporter: Grisha, Unassigned)


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This bug exists as a follow-up to Sync Ping work, which makes heavier use of local persistence than was the case prior with Java Telemetry. As opposed to the core ping, which is treated as "upload right away", sync pings are bundled out of telemetry information aggregated over some time, which is persisted in a special "local ping" json-backed store. As such, it becomes theoretically possible under certain circumstances to amass a large amount of local telemetry data which, for whatever reason, we're failing to bundle into a Sync Ping and upload.

We already have "culling" implemented for JSON-backed ping stores (keep at most 40 non-uploaded pings). A reasonable approach here would be to introduce a concept of "aggressive culling", and tightly define circumstances under which it may occur as well as the trade-offs being made.

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6 months ago
Hi Grisha
May I know are you working on this?
Can I mark this P2?
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