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Cannot search by bios_manufacturer


(Socorro :: Webapp, task)

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In the socorro webapp it's possible to facet reports on the BIOS manufacturer, but searching for a particular one always returns "No results were found."

I can reproduce. Adrian can explain :)
Assignee: nobody → adrian
Ah, this is an edge case that is not easy to fix. I would like to wait for us to migrate to elasticsearch 5.x to see what effect that has, as I suspect it might fix this problem. 

The issue is: the field is stored as a token, so something like "LENOVO" becomes stored as exactly "LENOVO". And when doing a "has terms" search, our code automatically turns every input to lower case (to avoid other bugs), which means it tries to do "search for bios manufacturer has terms lenovo", and that doesn't match. Turning the field into a regular string will mean the aggregations won't working as nicely, since all multi-words manufacturer will get split up by terms.

Hopefully the "keyword" data type from ES 5.x will solve this problem. Let's wait and see.
Depends on: 1322630
Assignee: adrian → nobody
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