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Exit QuickLaunch mode on last window closing if multiple profiles


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Windows 2000


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We decided to implement new code that will run when in Quick Launch mode.  This
code will check, at last window closing, whether the user has multiple profiles
defined and if so, automatically exit QuickLaunch mode (and since the last
window is closing, exit Mozilla).

This code will be enabled via a pref that will default to "off."  The plan is to
change this default to "on" (or remove the pref check) if we are unable to get
QuickLaunch working reliably in multi-profile cases.
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Fix is already attached, just needs reviews/approval.
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Looks good. sr=blake
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Adding adt1.0.0. Pls land this on the trunk tonight, and have grace verify that
it is resolved and causes no regressions.
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Landed on trunk.
grace - is this fixed on the trunk? where ther any regressions introduced?
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I am waiting for a trunk build for 4/17- this says checked in on 4/16 at 8pm- no 
build since then
shouldn't we be defaulting "browser.turbo.singleProfileOnly" to true in all.js?
Seth: the plan is to do that if and when we have to give up on fixing the
various multi-profile bugs.  I don't think we're at that point yet.
We have give it our best shot, but if we do flip that switch, we need to do so
in time to get adequate testing.
Agreed, we don't believe we are the point to give up on Multiple Profile QL
right now. 
using trunk build 2002041803 and profiles created with older build- I set pref 
singleProfileOnly to true and got the following results- as expected

single profile, pref is enabled and reg key set 
launch and test, systray icon appears and process can be seen in task manager.
did usual turbo testing- closed app and systray icon remained as did process

multiple profiles: pref is enabled and reg key set from installation checkbox
launch and test, systray icon appears and process can be seen in task manager.
closed app and systray icon was removed as was process.  reg key still set.  On
next launch of same or different profile, systray icon returned with the process

so with this pref set, QuickLaunch (aka Turbo)settings as reg key and pref will
remain set, but the app will shut down when multiple profiles are present
adding adt1.0.0+ assuming that this bug is needed with the plan to have turbo
shut down and spawn a new process on exit.

If it is then please check this in as soon as possible and add the fixed1.0.0
Keywords: adt1.0.0adt1.0.0+
I don't think it should be needed for spawn/shutdown, this is our worst-case
fallback option.
Hasn't this already landed on trunk and branch?  Do we just need to set the pref
to resolve it?
Grace, how thoroughly has this been tested?
Keywords: qawanted
I have not seen notification that this has landed on branch- (fixed1.0.0 
I did test on trunk (comment 16) using the basic functional tests and other 
tests listed on http://slip/projects/machv/turboindex.html

fix checked in, trunk and branch

We'll use another bug to check in the all.js change to turn the pref on.
Closed: 22 years ago
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verified on trunk (when I set pref) 2002043003
verified on branch 2002043006- pref set in bug 141068
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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