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PushEvent is not fired in e10s mode when there are no content processes running


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We should start a process in this case:

We can use this method:


Currently we basically just ignore push events on mac when firefox is open, but we have no content processes because all the windows have been closed.

I feel like there is already a bug on this, but I can't find it.
We should fix this. When does it occur? Only having about:<something> open? On macOS when you have all windows closed but Firefox is still running?
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Macos with no windows is the main case I'm aware of.
Flags: needinfo?(bkelly)
Having just private browsing windows and receiving push messages might be affected by this bug on other platforms.

Anyhow, fixing this would require being able to keep content processes running for SW instances. To do that we need some sort of abstraction over windows and workers that are considered for the lifetime of a ContentParent. I thought Ben's client patches partially address this - can we fix this now without resorting to a hack?
Oh right.  Its not just starting the process, but keeping it alive.  This probably needs to wait for our multi-e10s refactor.
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