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stylo: Support negative opacity for SMIL


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Attached image Test case
The attached test case is a reduced test case from a failing test in dom/smil/test/test_smilCSSFromBy.xhtml

The square should fade from opacity 1 to 0 because we have:

  <rect x="20" y="20" width="200" height="200" fill="purple">
    <animate attributeName="opacity" from="1" by="-1" dur="3s"
      fill="freeze" />

However, it doesn't.

When I debug it I see:

  Parsed opacity property value '1' => 1
  Parsed opacity property value '-1' => 0

So it would appear that we are either failing to parse the negative value, or clamping it too early.

As a result we effectively do:

  <animate attributeName="opacity" from="1" by="0" dur="3s"
    fill="freeze" />
Priority: -- → P2
I am leaving comments for someone who are going to fix this bug. 

What we need to do here is:

1) Add a flag that represents that current mode allows all numeric values for converting specified value to computed value
2) Set the flag true in Servo_GetAnimationValues (that is used only for SMIL)
3) Check the flag in Opacity.to_computed_value() and clamp the value only if the flag is false.

Once we allow negative color component (bug 1364279), we also need to change Color.to_computed_value, I guess.
Assignee: nobody → cam
I didn't add a separate test case, but I checked that the sub-test in dom/smil/test/test_smilCSSFromBy.xhtml started passing.
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Bug 1371150 - Update test expectations.

Thanks for fixing this!
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Bug 1371150 - style: Don't clamp Opacity values when computing them for SMIL.
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Bug 1371150 - Update test expectations.
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