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Filter the javascript docs on ES version support


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What problem would this feature solve?
As it is now, a page like shows both standard ES5, ES 6 and Gecko specific methods for the Object object in the left side panel. 
It would be helpful to be able to filter these to show all like today or only one ES5 and/or ES6 compatible methods.

Who has this problem?
All visitors to MDN

How do you know that the users identified above have this problem?
I only know that all visitors could benefit from this. I have no data to back up my suggestion.

How are the users identified above solving this problem now?
Scrolling to the bottom of the article to check Status of specification, after selecting a specific method from the list on the left.

Do you have any suggestions for solving the problem? Please explain in detail.
Below, where it says "SEE ALSO", there could be a dropdown named Filter, which has checkboxes for ES5, ES6 and Experimental or Gecko. As you uncheck some boxes, the list below becomes shorter.

Is there anything else we should know?
Component: Wiki pages → JavaScript
Product: Mozilla Developer Network → Developer Documentation
Priority: -- → P3
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