Make counter style 'disc' not overridable

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As I proposed in w3c/csswg-drafts#1521. This would allow us to avoid building counter style for initial struct. That would simplify our handling of counter style in stylo.
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Also I suspect that, before this change, CounterStyleManager::IsInitial() actually never returns true after the first restyle, because creating nsStyleList would always insert the "disc" item into the table. That said, doing this should allow us to actually benefit from skipping flushing counter style manager in many pages.
I think this is a reasonable change to make.  Not allowing @counter-style rules to change the meaning of the initial value of list-style-type seems like a good restriction to add.

The one thing I'm confused about is layout/reftests/counter-style/redefine-attr-mapping-ref.html.  Why does the reference have triangles rather than discs?
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The changes to redefine-attr-mapping-ref.html correspond to changes in redefine-attr-mapping.html, where I just removed all instances which may lead to using 'disc'.

That test is for checking the given predefined counter styles are indeed overridden. Since 'disc' is no longer overridable, I just remove them from it.

(Not sure what your question really is...)
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Bug 1372488 - Make counter style 'disc' not overridable.

Oops, for some reason I was thinking those lines were added rather than removed.  r=dbaron
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Make counter style 'disc' not overridable. r=dbaron
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