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Remove HTTP Pipelining preferences UI after bug 1340655 removed support for it


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(seamonkey2.49esr unaffected, seamonkey2.51 wontfix, seamonkey2.53 fixed, seamonkey2.52 wontfix)

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seamonkey2.49esr --- unaffected
seamonkey2.51 --- wontfix
seamonkey2.53 --- fixed
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As frg pointed out, bug 1340655 has removed the pipelining feature for HTTP/1.1 which has been experimental for ages anyway and superseded by other methods.

Consequently, network.http.pipelining.* and network.http.proxy.pipelining do no longer have any function, yet we are exposing the top-level enabling prefs in the Advanced > HTTP Networking prefpane.

Charge of this bug is to remove those from pref-http.{xul,js,dtd} along with respective Help content in cs_nav_prefs_advanced.xhtml.
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This removes the two checkboxes and related logic.

I have retained the thin separator between the protocol and UA-string options.

Asking IanN for review as it involves Help-content changes, updating HTTP/1.1 to be the "current" protocol rather than the "new" one. Also, let me know if you want any further changes while I'm there.
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Proposed patch

Stealing review. Tested and works as expected. Help content is and looks fine in my eyes.
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Target milestone 2.53. 

I think it can ride the trains. If not please ask for beta approval.
Thanks for pushing. Yes, given that 2.52 won't be released as a final, no need for beta.
Target Milestone: --- → seamonkey2.53
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