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Use nullptr in /media and /dom/media (clang-tidy: modernize-use-nullptr)


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In /media and /dom/media there are several opportunities to use `nullptr` instead of `0` or `NULL`.

These can be automatically identified and acted on by the clang-tidy static analyzer (rule "modernize-use-nullptr").
This patch was generated with the following command: -p obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/ -fix -checks=-*,modernize-use-nullptr dom/media/,media/
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more of the code in /media is from 3rd party libs, very few is our own code (the exception is media/libstagefright/bindings).

So we shouldn't touch that, only makes resyncing with upstream difficult
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I omitted libstagefright and ffmpeg on purpose. Please indicate which files in my patch are from external libraries so I can omit any fixes there. Thanks!
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all in media/ ?

the one in dom/media are fine.
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Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: Playback
> all in media/ ?
> the one in dom/media are fine.

Thanks! But media/mtransport/ should be fine (according to tools/rewriting/ThirdPartyPaths.txt).

Paul, please have a look.
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Thanks Paul and Byron! Rebased and updated to "r=bwc".
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Sheriffs, please land this patch.
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Use nullptr in /media and /dom/media (clang-tidy: modernize-use-nullptr). r=bwc
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