Can we move the _moz_quote styles from html.css into some Thunderbird UA sheet?




4 months ago
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We end up doing getAttribute("_moz_quote") on every <span> and <pre> on web pages, because we have html.css styles for that attribute.  Those seem to be there specifically for editing, and particularly for email.  If those are unused outside Thunderbird, could we move the relevant rules to a Tbird UA stylesheet?

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4 months ago
You mean these?
span[_moz_quote=true] {
  color: blue;
pre[_moz_quote=true] {
  color: blue;

Sure we can move them to some TB stylesheet, Richard, our theme man, can take care of that.

You can set pref middlemouse.paste and then paste as quotation with CTRL+MIDDLE-MOUSE. But that inserts <blockquote type="cite">, so unrelated to the <span> and <pre>.

So yes, I see no problem.
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I see no problem too. We can add this rules to messageQuotes.css.

Boris, there are also rules for "blockquote" and "blockquote[type=cite]", do you plan to remove them too?
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> You mean these?


> Boris, there are also rules for "blockquote" and "blockquote[type=cite]", do you plan to remove them too?

The blockquote rule is not going anywhere; it's part of the HTML spec.  

The "blockquote[type=cite]" would be nice to move as well, good catch.  It's nonstandard and affects rendering of web pages, which is not really desirable, I think.


4 months ago
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Adding frg for the SM side.
I would just add messageQuotes.css to SeaMonkey in case this is done there for TB. Seems to be an easy task to add the CSS to SMs MsgComposeCommands.js.
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