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Rename m(Keyed)Accumulations to m(Keyed)HistogramAccumulations in DiscardedData


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bug 1369041 introduces a new type called DiscardedData. It has a couple of members called mDiscardedAccumulations and mDiscardedKeyedAccumulations

According to bug 136904 comment 13 they should have the word "Histogram" in there someplace.
Oops, that should be bug 1369041 comment 13.
I am new to open source. This could be my first bug. If no one is assigned, may I please work on it?
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Hello, welcome!

I'll assign the bug to you.
The first step is to get Firefox to build:

Then you can do the renaming suggested here and build again: ./mach build
Once that works successfully, you can run our unit tests: ./mach test toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/unit/

With that working, you can upload a patch here and ask for review:

The specific renaming here is to rename mDiscardedAccumulations to mDiscardedHistogramAccumulations & mDiscardedKeyedAccumulations to mDiscardedKeyedHistogramAccumulations:

There are more that we could rename [1], but we can take that to a separate patch or bug once the above is working.

Mentor: chutten
Flags: needinfo?(gfritzsche)
Summary: Rename g(Keyed)Accumulations to g(Keyed)HistogramAccumulations in DiscardedData → Rename m(Keyed)Accumulations to m(Keyed)HistogramAccumulations in DiscardedData
Assignee: nobody → krishnamanvar35
Thank you for helping me out. :)
I ran the bootstrap python file and followed the prompts. But now I am stuck at 'Get the Mozilla Code' portion. I have installed Mercurial. But when I try to clone, it takes a long time(2 hrs) and doesn't complete. I guess it is because of the slow INTERNET connection. I figured I could use the bundles instead. So, do I have to download just the mozilla-central bundle or the others as well? Correct me if I am wrong.
I greatly appreciate your help.
Right, our source code is a little big.
Just the mozilla-central bundle is enough to download.

If you use IRC [1], there are always people in the #introduction channel who can help with getting started.

Comment on attachment 8881024 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch for the bug 1375043(Rename m(Keyed)Accumulations to m(Keyed)HistogramAccumulations in DiscardedData)

Review of attachment 8881024 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks, this looks good!
Attachment #8881024 - Flags: review?(gfritzsche) → review+
I've tested that this builds fine locally, setting checkin-needed to get this landed.
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Rename m(Keyed)Accumulations to m(Keyed)HistogramAccumulations in DiscardedData. r=gfritzsche
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Closed: 4 years ago
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