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Make tour notification responsive (so the close button is visible even on a smaller window size)


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I am seeing complain on Slack that it's not obvious how to dismiss the tour notification, and get to the about:home launchers. It turned out the current design sets the minimum width to 1060px (!) and the close button is simply cut off on a small screen.

I have a band-aid patch (not part of the spec) to at least make sure the close button is visible.
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The added style makes the body text narrower on the smaller window, and hides the left-most "New to Nightly?" button to make way for other things. The body text is scrollable on the y-axis when the text overflows. The layout remains unchanged on non-narrow windows.

Narrow = width smaller or equal to 960px (totally a made up number).
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Bug 1375783 - Make onboarding tour notification responsive,

Thanks for this. This looks good to me. Just thah, this is going to be differrent from the current UI requirements so let's see verdi's thought.
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Bug 1375783 - Make onboarding tour notification responsive,
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Talked to verdi in person and we tweaked the dimensions a little bit, to a place we are happy with. I am going to push the patch to mozreview and land this.
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Make onboarding tour notification responsive, r=Fischer,mossop
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Note that the tour itself is not responsive. At 150% zoom level I can't see the select button at the end to dismiss the tour indefinitely.

I filed bug 1379026 about this.
Note that with bug 1358970 the notification will simply be hidden with smaller window size.
I have verified that the close button is visible on smaller screen sizes on Win 10 x64, Win 7 x32, Ubuntu 16.04 x32, and Mac 10.12 with Firefox 58.
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