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Set mDocGroup for HTML docs being loaded via XHR


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When loading an HTML doc via XHR, we sohuld set mDocGroup appropriately (before OnStartRequest fires to the HTML parser).
Assignee: nobody → hsivonen
Priority: -- → P3
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML

Do we still care about this? (The bug was filed is the context of Quantum DOM.)

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Hmm, has the situation changed with the DOM Arena stuff. Do we already effectively do this?

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I don't think so?

Because DOM Arena helps if there is a node that is allocated/adopted this document before OnStartRequest, but I don't think that is always the case for XHR document?

Looks like XMLHttpRequestMainThread::OnDataAvailable would parse the XML and the create XML element, if this always get executed before OnStartRequest, then DOM Arena helps here.

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There is a point in keeping DocGroups around if you're dispatching to/with them with a clear distinction that the work that is done is tied to that DocGroup, because then we want that work to show up in about:performance.

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