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Incorrect behavior of "cursor: auto" over form controls


(Core :: Layout: Form Controls, enhancement, P3)

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Tracking Status
firefox57 --- wontfix
firefox58 --- wontfix
firefox59 --- ?


(Reporter: florian, Unassigned)


The "auto" behavior of the "cursor" property used to be only vaguely defined, but to improve interoperability, the latest specification[1] is more clear:

> auto behaves as 'text' over text, and 'default' otherwise.

Other expected effects, such as the cursor changes over form controls should be achieved using the UA stylesheet, rather than through the magic behavior of the "auto" value.

Forefpx uses "auto" rather than the UA stylesheet to adjust the cursor over form controls, which causes the following tests to fail:

Component: Untriaged → Layout: Form Controls
Product: Firefox → Core
Priority: -- → P3
This is the last thing standing between CSS-UI-3 and REC. I'd be nice if this could be fixed before long.
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