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Option to switch developer tools GUI to English


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Steps to reproduce:

I have openend the Developer Tools.

Actual results:

The developer tools GUI appears in my browser's language (German). Although this is a nice intention, it makes the tool almost unusable:

- Some technical terms have been translated (e.g. "Speicher"). This is not necessary for developers, as they need to be trained in reading English. It is rather a source for confusion because of ambiguities. "Speicher" could mean both "storage" and "memory", so what does it actually mean?

- It is not possible to find help on the Internet. If you search for the German words, you won't find many of the English help resources on the internet. It is also difficult to ask for help in English, since I don't know the original English wording of the button.

- English tutorials cannot be reproduced, because the GUI looks totally different in other languages.

Expected results:

There should be a configuration option: "Use Developer Tools in English".
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Bringing this to Bryan's attention. I think Richard makes a good point, but we also consider localization of tools as a competitive advantages. Being able to switch DevTools' locale independently of Firefox's local could be a nice thing. What do you think?

Triaging as P3 for now as this isn't something we'll be working on soon.
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Yes, I'd like to tackle this in Q4 and I think part of that will mean giving developers an option in our setting to choose their UI language.  We've previously run a survey about this before and found exactly what you said how its easier to work with the rest of the content on the web if the tools are in english.  However about 1/2 the developers we surveyed really enjoyed having the tools in their language. Making it easier to switch and perhaps easier to search for things should be priorities.  

Also we can file a bug just for the translation of that term if there's a better one you can think of. 

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