Changing time zone when traveling



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Steps to reproduce:

I am using TB 52.2.1 (32-bit) with Lightning on Windows 10 x64.

When I cross time zones when traveling, I change the time zone in my laptop. 

Actual results:

Unfortunately, I also have to change the timezone in Lightning.

Expected results:

It would be very convenient to have a Lightning option to pick the OS time zone when TB/Lightning starts. I used to use IBM Notes and that was the behavior, which worked just dandy. For the past 5 years I have been using Lightning and I miss that feature dearly. Any chance it could implemented?

Comment 1

a year ago
If a volunteer is willing, that might get implemented. Other than that, it's open source, so you can/could do it yourself or find someone to implement it for you.
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Version: 52 Branch → Lightning

Comment 2

a year ago
If I knew how, I would do it. But I don't have the right skills. Hopefully someone who feels the same need and has the know-how and the inclination will stand up and take on the task.
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