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Don't run for code-coverage builds because crash reporter is disabled


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This bug is for disabling the marionette unit tests in the manifest 'unit/unit-tests.ini' when they run on linux64-ccov.

The cause of this problem is a slow build that seems to delay the creation of the minidump files that many of these tests rely on (like 'asan').
Here's a test run with it passing on linux64-ccov:

And here's a test run with linux64 which shows that mozinfo.json contains the coverage field now by default and is set to false:

There is more work that needs to be done to modify how the mozinfo is used in other test suites and this will be done in a follow-up bug because linux64-jsdcov needs a new variable like 'MOZ_CODE_COVERAGE' to be able to have it set by default instead of when the '*/' files are being run.
Greg, I thought that we (including Kyle) agreed on to only disable this specific test file for now.
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I misunderstood, I'm sorry about that. I've started another test (just in case) and submitted a new patch for review. I've also left a small formatting change in the 'unit-tests.ini' file I previously had modified.
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Comment on attachment 8883053 [details]
Bug 1377876 - Disable '' when running on linux64-ccov.

I'm not a valid reviewer of build config changes. But this looks simple enough and is doing what it should do. As best the patch might have been splitted into two different commits (one per component). But to stop this perma failure I will get it landed now. Thanks for getting this implemented!
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Disable '' when running on linux64-ccov. r=whimboo
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Marking as disabled until the underlying bug has been fixed.
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Not a problem :whimboo! And thanks for your comment, I'll keep that in mind for my next patches.
As being informed on bug 1376795 the code coverage builds do not have the crash reporter turned on! As such the unit test should not be run because it relies on its existence.

With my patch on bug 1381403 we now dynamically skip each test if the crash reporter is not available in the build.
Assignee: nobody → hskupin
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: Disable marionette unit tests in 'unit/unit-tests.ini' on linux64-ccov. → Don't run for code-coverage builds because crash reporter is disabled
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla56
We have enabled the crash reporter in the code coverage builds now, we should make sure this test is being run.
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it appears we already run this- the change to skip for 'coverage' doesn't exist, I believe bug 1381403 makes this work more reliably.
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