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Steps to reproduce:

(I couldn't find a relevant 'general' website component)

In Firefox 54, but version is irrelevant (locale nb-NO):
Enter in browser

Actual results:

Browser is redirected to "" which is the language variant used by 20% of the population in Norway

This applies to subpages also, such as the firefox page at ""

If the address is modified manually to "", it redirects to the same wrong address.

There is a language selection box at the bottom of the page, but nb-NO is not an option.

The consequence is that the direct download button wrongly gives the user the nn-NO version, and not the nb-NO version; assuming the locale is set to nb-NO on the computer.

Expected results:

Browser is redirected to "" which by far is the dominant language variant in Norway.

The download buttons should produce the correct language version of Firefox.

This has been the situation for a very long time, probably a year or more.
I know there is a link to a page from where the correct version can be downloaded, so this is not about availability. It is a bit annoying to have to dig to find the correct version of the browser.
Also, as the downloaded file has no indication of language in the filename, chances are that the error isn't discovered until the install is finished. Not a good first impression.

I have not checked if this applies other product pages. is translated by volunteers. If you are interested, you can translate the nb-NO home page yourself:
Component: Other → L10N
Product: Websites →
Version: unspecified → Production
Locale: nb-NO / Norwegian (Bokmål)
Flags: needinfo?(havar)
It is on its way. We are about 600 strings behind. Feel free to help with the localization.
Flags: needinfo?(havar)
The most important parts of is now translated.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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