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Download file selector dialogue stops all other download tasks


(SeaMonkey :: Download & File Handling, defect)

Windows 98
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When downloading several files in a row the following occurs: Some files are
already being downloaded. You pick the next file in the list, but it takes some
time to connect to the server and then show the file selector dialogue to
specify where you want to put the file. So you switch to doing whatever you are
doing. When the file selector pops up all other download tasks are interrupted
and will not continue. This happens always in Win98. The effects can be very
annoying (and even expensive in some cases): If you don't realise there is this
dialoge open, the other downloads are never finished, but rather will they be
aborted due to timeouts. This has happened again to me when I started about 15
downloads of large files over night and forgot to [ok] the last dialogue box:
All other downloads were aborted - and some of the files were huge! Imagin this
to happen to someone with modem or ISDN connection!

I would be happy if this effect of the file selector could be removed somehow.

Kind regards


Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start one download
2. Click on another download link but don't answer the file selector dialogue
asking for a place (+ name) to put the file.
3. See how the first download will not continue and will be aborted due to
timeout when you eventually answer the file selector.

Actual Results:  You lose all previously started active downloads if you wait
long enough (see above). Also, other browser windows will not load anything if
you want to load a new page. But of course this is not so grave because you
realise what is going on, when the file selector is topped. But if you are
working in another application at the time ... or even away from your desk ... =(

Expected Results:  The file selector should not have affected the already
running download tasks. They should have finished fine (instead of being aborted
due to timeout).

As an after-effect the system became very unstable after I had the download
tasks aborted in the morning this time. I had to reboot Win98 to have a
(relatively ;-) stable system (I know this doesn't happen in Linux .. ;-).

I was considering calling this "A major feature is broken" because download
actually IS a major feature for many people today, but I think you are getting
so many bug reports that not each and any should be called severe, right? ;-)
Regards. Andreas

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