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SVG element's transform-origin applied incorrectly and computed values are wrong


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Steps to reproduce:

An SVG element styled with `transform` and `transform-origin` renders incorrectly and returns wrong computed values.


It styles an SVG rect shape with `transform-origin: 50% 50%; transform: scale(0.5)`. 

Actual results:

The blue rect is offset incorrectly and the computed values are also wrong. It prints:

computed transform: matrix(0.5, 0, 0, 0.5, 0, 0)
computed origin: 60px 60px
style transform: scale(0.5)
style origin: 50% 50% 0px

Expected results:

The rendered offset should be something like 12.5px (50% of 50px = 25px / 2 = 12.5px). The computed values should be:

computed origin: 25px 25px

See the bottom example for a normal HTML DIV for comparison.

For SVG elements without an associated CSS layout box, the used value for border-box is view-box.

For elements with an associated CSS layout box, the used value for fill-box and view-box is border-box.

Chrome gets this wrong and indends to fix its implementation.
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Thanks for the confirmation. This is super helpful. However, couple questions:

1. There's still no way to customize transform-box on Firefox?
2. How can one define an "associated CSS layout box" for an SVG element?
3. Why does `svgElement.getBoundingClientRect()` returns pre-transform width/height? In the example above, it yields 50x50 as opposed to 25x25.
1. Firefox will support transform-box without setting a pref from version 55 per 
2. You can't, they don't have one.
3. bug 1066435
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