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stylo: Crash in do_QueryFrame::operator<T> nsIAnonymousContentCreator*


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect, P1)

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This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-88e599f9-e12a-4ba9-82d1-29b520170711.

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So, I'm not really sure why do_QueryFrame is crashing, but given that this is during document teardown it seems possible that we may have destroyed the arena but not yet nulled out the element->frame pointer.

Either way, we call FragmentOrElement::DestroyContent, which calls nsBindingManager::RemovedFromDocumentInternal, which calls FragmentOrElement::SetXBLInsertionParent, which tries to recursively clear servo data from the subtree:

We really don't need to be doing that at all given that this is during teardown. So it might make sense to just clear the servo data at the top of FragmentOrElement::DestroyContent. I'll try.
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Drop style data in DestroyContent. v1

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I suppose this is OK, although I would prefer something less indirect, e.g. a check in FragmentOrElement::SetXBLInsertionParent that we're not in the middle of destroying the document (e.g. by checking nsDocument::mIsGoingAway, although that's not exposed).
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Boris was concerned as to why we'd be hitting this, and was going to try reproducing locally.
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So I tried adding checks to FragmentOrElement::DestroyContent to yell if GetPrimaryFrame() is non-null.  It never is, for me, on the urls in comment 0, as expected.

I tried installing uBlock Origin (since the crash dump above seems to have it installed), but that does not seem to change things.  Not sure whether one of the other addons is relevant here...

Anyway, the change in this bug makes sense to me, I think, though I agree it fixing the bug is not quite obvious.
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Drop style data in DestroyContent. r=heycam,r=bz
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