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Add binary transparency task to releasetasks


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- Investigate templates (specifically checksums, as well as a taskcluster-native task) to learn about releasetasks and find definition differences
- Determine what to migrate over from manually configured binary transparency tasks
- Determine how to test generation of task graph locally
- Be able to run releasetasks tests locally
- Look at releasetask test files to understand the structure of releasetasks and its test structure
- Save a graph to file from a test for manual inspection
- Add a test for binary transparency
- added binary_transparency_enabled for mozilla-beta
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Attached patch bug1380829-tools-v1.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
- added binary_transparency_enabled to: release runner kwargs, (manual generative) release runner, and sanity kwargs checker
- also added into parameters of make_task_graph_strict_kwargs function
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Attached patch bug1380829-tools-v2.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
- updated binary_transparency_enabled in release-runner to default to False if it doesn't exist instead of hardcoding True
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Hijacking this bug for a second to do a cleanup since we're here. Let's kill esr45 with fire!
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Esr45 is dead, cleanup configs in releasetasks.

Approved by :nthomas in PR.
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Updated bm85's releaserunner from rev fbc86f515ef1 to f8a63f49524e, and restarted releaserunner.
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
For some reason we didn't get a binary transparency task in the graph for 55.0b13,, so we'll have to figure out why that is.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Ah, I should have done 'git pull' in bm85:~cltbld/releasetasks/ when deploying. Just updated from 06d13f5653c5be3ab4af3933e30da0911240ca06 to 546ea6d41045b78540884dff0961321c5fb4bf13.

Lets close this once we successfully generate a cert.
See Also: → 1385134
bug 1385134 plans a staging 56.0b1 we should enable BT on the staging branch (jamun). I expect the job will fail because of the hardcoded archive.m.o at I think that's fine from the point of view of testing the graph generation and making sure the job runs.
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[buildbot-configs] Enable binary transparency on jamun

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We had a staging release going on on Friday with this[1] graph. (central => jamun) I couldn't find binary transparency job there but:
a) there's lots of other tasks missing so I suspect there might be some misconfiguration somewhere
b) did we do a reconfig after ? if not, should have we?

Looks like I didn't deploy to the dev releaserunner for the changes here. So on bm83 I 
* updated ~cltbld/releasetasks/ from e9c41655ba706751c9e59528babeb2e94614bd1c to 546ea6d41045b78540884dff0961321c5fb4bf13
* updated /builds/releaserunner/tools from 077a4adc87dc to f686c083bf49  (to pick up f8a63f49524e from this bug)
* restarted releaserunner using supervisorctl

There is a 'checksums builder' task on d9RbMcpIS-2aRxImMKa8cA, so I'm hopeful that the next staging run will have a binary transparency worker.
The current staging release 56.0b1-build17 picked it up - the job is now created[1] \o/
Let's see how it goes.

Woo! It's failing in the expected way (see comment #14), so lets be positive and close this as FIXED again.
Closed: 2 years ago2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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