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disabled multi-e10s: Replace link with user-friendly SUMO link


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Bug 1368943 added informative text about setting the number of content process at the bottom of Options > General. If multi-e10s is disabled, there is a link "Learn how to check if multiprocess is enabled" which links which is very long, partially outdated and can't be understood by non-technical people. There was discussion in bug 1368943 comment 4 about replacing it with a SUMO page.

Joni, what's the status on this?
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Thanks for pinging me, jaws. What do you think about linking to this article? 

Perhaps we can modify it for 48 and over. How do users turn it on? Is it just a matter of changing the # of processes to more than 1? Do we still need the about:config instructions and are the ones on the SUMO article still accurate?

If you think we can make this article work, please use this link in the UI and it will redirect to said SUMO article:
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I've added these instructions for 48 and over. I don't see the checkbox in about:preferences so I used about:config. 

Please add your suggestions here:
The article linked to above,, is misleading. When a session is restored, we "resume on demand" to help startup and performance of the browser. But this is not related to multiprocess Firefox. Multiprocess Firefox allows web page content to run in a separate process than the browser, allowing for improved performance, responsiveness, and security.

We can drop the first part of the linked article and just keep the instructions for disabling/enabling multiprocess Firefox. Those are correct and still up to date.
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Sorry for the delay. We've kept the instructions on the article and removed the incorrect intro.
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