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Add SANDBOX_REJECTED_SYSCALLS histogram to Main Summary


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SANDBOX_REJECTED_SYSCALLS is a (hopefully) very sparsely populated histogram used by Linux Firefox when system calls are rejected by a sandbox policy.  We'd like to have it added to Main Summary so we can see the entire set of reported keys.
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Should I try to write the patch for this myself, or should this be assigned to someone who knows the relevant code?
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You could definitely submit a PR for this yourself if you like. There is a whitelist of histograms that are included in main summary:

Simply add this one (in alphabetic order, please) and we'll be good to go.
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Assignee: nobody → jld
Priority: P2 → P1
:jld has sent a PR for this here:
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This is blocked because we don't currently support "count" histograms in Main Summary.

There are 2 options, as I see it:
1. Add this as a custom field in main_summary (don't rely on the histogram whitelist).
2. Lift the restriction excluding "count" histograms.

I'm leaning more towards the 2nd option, but having this type of histogram actually appear as a numeric field in the table.

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The other important piece of this conversation is that eventually, all count histograms should be implemented as scalars, which will automatically show up in main_summary. Because of that, I think we should do the following:

1. Add count histograms, but not as a special case (i.e. still a MAP)
2. Make sure there is a bug out for converting this to a scalar

My rationale is that the special case is extra code and work for something we already do - record scalars :)

If it's wanted to be a scalar field as-is, this should be a regular top-level field in main_summary with custom extraction code.
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Priority: P1 → P2
We have support for count histograms now, so this should (finally!) be easy.
Assignee: jld → fbertsch
Priority: P2 → P1
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