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Store and transfer schema JSON in structured clone blobs


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We currently spend a lot of time, especially at startup, structured cloning schema JSON data to send to content processes, either via initialProcessData or Schema:Add messages. We also, unfortunately, tend to access it via proxies in compartments other than the one that owns it.

Storing the data in StructuredCloneBlobs should help with both of these problems, since they're much cheaper to clone (a simple memcpy rather than a recursive walk of a large object tree through cross-compartment proxies), and would wind up decoded into the Schemas.jsm compartment no matter how they're loaded.
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Bug 1381687: Store and transfer schema JSON in structured clone blobs.
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Bug 1381687: Store and transfer schema JSON in structured clone blobs. r=aswan (not a CLOSED TREE)
Bug 1381687: Follow-up: Fix bustage where theme code is touching raw schema JSON that it shouldn't be.
Depends on: 1382645
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