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enable pref "dom.meta-viewport.enabled" for MathML font-inflation-1.html reftest


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My initial landing of bug 1373767 triggered a test failure in layout/reftests/mathml/font-inflation-1.html, but only on Android.  The test passes reliably on other platforms, but that's just because it's not actually testing anything.

It turns out font inflation depends on whether <meta viewport> is enabled (and it's enabled by default on android, but not on other platforms).

For all other font inflation reftests, we seem to enable the "dom.meta-viewport.enabled" pref (so that they behave consistently across platforms). And if I make that change locally, then this test starts behaving like I'd expect (rendering text at larger sizes, and failing like it did on Android if I apply my patch from bug 1373767).

So let's add that pref annotation, for consistency & better platform-independent runnability of this test.
Note: here's where we set that pref (as a blanket enabling) for the other font inflation reftests:

...and we set it here for a font inflation + ruby reftest (along with some other prefs that don't seem to be necessary for this mathml case):
Try run (which shows some extra csets being pushed because it was based on inbound tip):
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Bug 1382450: Turn on pref "dom.meta-viewport.enabled" for MathML reftest "font-inflation-1.html", like we do for other font-inflation reftests.
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Turn on pref "dom.meta-viewport.enabled" for MathML reftest "font-inflation-1.html", like we do for other font-inflation reftests. r=jfkthame
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