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Intermittent /webrtc/RTCPeerConnection-addIceCandidate.html | Add valid candidate should never resolve when pc is closed - Peer connection is closed


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firefox56 --- fixed


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That is but I'm not sure how we injest wpt testing into our CI so I don't know which rev of that we ran, specifically.
if this was fixed upstream, we can ask :jgraham to sync upstream to our source.  :jgraham, how can we determine which revision of a wpt test is in our tree?
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Quite frankly I think these WPT tests are just really poorly written. I highly recommend to disable/skip these failing tests for now and complain upstream.
:jgraham who is ni'd on this bug already would have a bigger picture about the origination of the tests and expectations/requirements of them prior to being in-tree.  He might have ideas.  If there are a bunch of these that are randomizing us, we either have a flaky browser (as other browser vendors run these same tests), flaky infrastructure, or possibly others are just skipping these tests and we are the only ones running them.
I created with a suggestion of how make these tests more reliable. I think we should skip them until they are fixed/improved to avoid the noise.
Looks like there is now some PR upstream to remove these tests: If someone marks it reviewed I can make sure it's merged and then start a new wpt sync.

jmaher: In general [vcs] log testing/web-platform/tests will tell you the last upstream revision that was imported e.g.

james@ginny:~/develop/gecko$ git log --grep=revision --oneline -n1 -- testing/web-platform/tests/
7f18a43b0677 Bug 1381842 - Update web-platform-tests to revision 85ae24e3dc80ee63b6dc2ed78a922cff68c6e819, a=testonly
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For now I'm going to disable this test in our repo.
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Bug 1382972 - disable wpt test RTCPeerConnection-addIceCandidate.html

This is a rather extreme solution :-)

I was more aiming for skipping only the tests which are causing problems (or skip all which are written with the same problematical pattern).

I guess this is a way to skip them
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:jgraham is this a way to skip a single test in WPT ?

Or is there a better way to skip/not execute a single test within a given file?
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  type: testharness
  expected: TIMEOUT
  [task for negotiationneeded event should be enqueued for next tick]
    expected: TIMEOUT

  [addTransceiver() should fire negotiationneeded event]
    expected: NOTRUN

  [Calling addTransceiver() twice should fire negotiationneeded event once]
    expected: FAIL

  [negotiationneeded event should not fire if signaling state is not stable]
    expected: FAIL

  [negotiationneeded event should fire only after signaling state go back to stable]
    expected: NOTRUN

Will cause the result of "negotiationneeded event should fire only after signaling state go back to stable" to be ignored. The test will still run of course.
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Bug 1382972 - disable wpt test RTCPeerConnection-addIceCandidate.html

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disable wpt test RTCPeerConnection-addIceCandidate.html r=ng
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