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Windows 10

Firefox Tracking Flags

(firefox55 affected, firefox57 affected)




7 months ago
[Affected versions]:
- Firefox 55 beta 10

[Affected platforms]:
- Windows 10 64/32bit

[Steps to reproduce]:
1.Launch Fx and go to .
2. Do not click  from the page the VR button.

[Expected result]:
- A message is displayed informing the user to activate the VR device from the browser.

[Actual result]:
- A message is displayed: Sorry, firefox.exe is taking a while to load. If this issue persists please take off your headset and check this app on your computer.

[Regression range]:
- This is not a regression as this feature is new.
This should no longer happen for Oculus with the recent patches that have been uplifted to Beta.

For OpenVR, it is expected to see a similar prompt in the "VR Status" applet on the 2d monitor while accessing a page using sensors but not presenting to the headset.
I could no longer reproduce this issue using Fx 55.0b13.
For the HTC Vive case, this will likely be fixed by presenting something in the headset before the user has pressed the "Enter VR" button.  This will be added as part of a larger in-HMD UI implementation.
status-firefox57: --- → affected
Priority: -- → P2
I did not encounter this issue for a while now, if someone else can confirm, I will close the issue. Thank you!
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