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Provide easy access to the currently selected tab


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I've decided to make a simplifying assumption for the initial Quantum DOM patches: if only one tab is in the foreground, then we'll label vsyncs correctly for that tab and also prioritize runnables for that tab. If multiple tabs (from multiple windows) are in the foreground, then you won't get any benefit from Quantum DOM. This shouldn't be too hard to fix in the future, but it's a pain to deal with right now.

This patch provides an easy accessor for the foreground TabChild (if there is only one). I imagine other people might find this useful as well for various performance optimizations.
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Summary: Provide easy access to the currently selected tab (when there is only one) → Provide easy access to the currently selected tab
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I realized that we do need to keep track of multiple active tabs. When tab switching, for example, two tabs can be active at once. And that's specifically a case where I would like the Quantum DOM scheduler to be effective.

David is on PTO, so asking Kan-Ru for review.
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Keep track of foreground TabChildren (r=kanru)
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