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Painting issues in Fullscreen-Mode after 16 seconds


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Steps to reproduce:

For personal reproduction:

1. click on the "Open-Button" - this activates the fullscreen-mode
2. wait for 16 seconds
3. a gray overlay is showing up - it disappearing after touching the screen (see attachment)

Actual results:

On my development at work (I'm a Web Developer), I've found this problem. First i've thinked, it's a JavaScript-Event, but it isn't it. This problem shows itself only at firefox on android, so i've create a test on (see reproduction). On all the android devices where i have tested this, this problem is show up. Strange is the time, after exactly 16 seconds. One touch, it disappearing, wait 16 seconds again, same problem. It's only in firefox on android, on desktop i've no problems, on iOS too.

I've tested the following devices:
* Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 (Android 7)
* Lenovo Moto Z Play (Android 7)
* Lenovo Moto G5 (Android 7)

The method is document.mozRequestFullScreen();

Expected results:

This overlay shouldn't be shown after 16 seconds in Fullscreen-Mode.
Most weird. I think it's not so much an overlay, but us failing to paint the full screen area because on Nightly, I can see the previous (non-fullscreen) page content instead of the grey background described above.

Randall, maybe you might have an idea here (or know somebody who does)?
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Summary: Overlay in Fullscreen-Mode after 16 seconds → Painting issues in Fullscreen-Mode after 16 seconds
Probably related to the displayport expiry time which is 15 seconds. The displayport expiration can change how the page contents are layerized which is probably resulting in this effect.
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I've also noticed the opposite phenomenon on the inline options_ui for webextensions - while the timer is still running, the add-ons own options UI is displayed only in a relatively small area (compare, but once the displayport expires, the options cover the whole empty space between the add-on description and the Disable/Uninstall buttons.
Moving to p3 because no activity for at least 1 year(s).
See for more information
Priority: P2 → P3

Forward-duping to bug 1504865 which is the same thing, but with some additional investigation.

Closed: 2 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1504865
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