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Firefox dumping memory report logs in download directory when closed




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Steps to reproduce:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" 32gig
Not rooted, running stock 
Android version 7.0

I believe it's occuing when I press the recent apps button, left of the fingerprint reader/home button. When I close Firefox by swiping it or touching the X in top right corner. In this tablet being samsung and has window capabilities although I don't use them, I get the typical X in top right of all apps. So either swiping away Firefox from running apps, or I close it by pressing the apps button then closing with the X. That's only time I've noticed more appear. 

Actual results:

In the directory /storage/emulated/0/Download
new directory appears "memory-reports" it is dated today Aug 1, 2017. several log files beginning with "cc-edges.<number>.<number>.log" and "gc-edges.<number>.<number>.log", the gc logs size are 76 to 79 megabyte in size the cc logs are 35,36 megabyte in size. At the moment the total size of the "memory-reports" directory is 340.33 megabytes. 

Expected results:

This is first time seeing this folder on any of my android devices, and I've seen complaints on XDA about it in past but haven't found anything as to why it appeared and is taking up space and not erasing.

Comment 1

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Created attachment 8892578 [details]
Screenshot of memory-reports directory info

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Screenshot of memory-reports directory size

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Created attachment 8892581 [details]
about:support troubleshooting info from inside the android app

Troubleshooting page saved as pdf since copy text button didn't work for some reason for me. Anyhow I saved it as pdf from within Firefox.
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