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Ghost window regression on telemetry in 56


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Telemetry shows that something went awry with our ghost windows somewhere between the July 11th Nightly and the July 29th Nightly. Unfortunately due to broken telemetry (bug 1384337), we don't have a more specific window than that.

I'm not really sure what to do with this besides investigating our known ghost window issues (open bugs blocking the ghost windows bug) and see which ones might possibly not affect builds before July 11th.
It is possible that this is not a real regression, but simply a result of bug 1384337 changing how we measure ghost windows.
Eric, could you please back out bug 1384337 so we can see if this is just a new higher baseline level of ghost windows, or if we landed a regression during that 2.5 weeks? I'm fine with having a higher level, I just want to know what my level of panic should be.
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RyanVM backed it out. Thanks, Ryan!
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Needinfo'ing myself to check telemetry in a few days.
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Alright, the level of ghost windows has gone down again, so this is in fact a change related to how we are measuring ghost windows. At the present time, we probably care more about avoiding perf issues than accurately measuring ghost windows, so feel free to reland your patches, Eric, if you think that makes sense.
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