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Display more than one line of resources in project info


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Looks like we can’t display more than one line of resources in the project info, would it be possible to allow multiple lines?

I’ve reproduced the issue here and worked around it on production.

Note the truncated line "Resources     Development site · Production site · Landing pa…"
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Mentor: m
Yeah, I just added another resource to the Focus Android project (and notified the dev-l10n mailing list about it) - but now most aren't displayed anymore, so localizers can't choose them (or see they exist) on Pontoon.
Out of 5 Resources available, one can only really see 2 (and the 3rd one is badly truncated):
SOS! :)
Until this is fixed, I suggest to rename Resources to something shorter, e.g. Schedule, Screenshots, Docs, Dashboard. Those for fit into one line. And Screenshots GitHub is maybe not necessary, because you can guess it from the Screenshots URL?
im wondering if this could be fixed with either a tooltip or a dropdown for the additional resources.

We could use an elipsis (...) or up/down arrow to indicate that there are more resources available
We could also just break into a new line. It's not the prettiest thing, but at least you don't need to click to reveal the rest of the links.
would defo be easier 8)
Taking because I had to fix it locally to create the screenshot. ;)
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