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test_TelemetrySession.js is going to permafail when the Gecko version number is bumped to 58 on 2017-09-18


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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: Permafailing tests on the next merge day after the Gecko version bump to 58.

I ran a simulation on Try of the next Gecko version number bump ( and I hit a failure in test_TelemetrySession.js that needs investigation. Can you please take a look, Alessio?

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/unit/test_TelemetrySession.js | test_sendShutdownPing - [test_sendShutdownPing : 1397] The OS shutdown scalar must be set to true. - "undefined" == true
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Thanks for filing this, Ryan!

The failure is due to the |os_shutting_down| scalar expiring on 58 [1]. I think we should let it expire and remove the related code: this scalar has been used to validate the shutdown pingsender and it's not being used for anything else.

@Georg, any thought on that? Should we keep this or go on and remove it?

[1] -
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Removal sounds fine to me.
I think there are two parts here:
- fixing the beta test failure in this bug
- removing the code, which can be a separate (mentored?) bug
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It's a very monday monday: i see now that this will happen on Nightly going to 58, so yes, lets just remove things.
This bug is about removing the "os_shutting_down" scalar from the Telemetry code [1] and the related test coverage [2]. In order to make sure that everything is working after the changes, xpcshell tests can be run using the following command:

> ./mach test toolkit/components/telemetry

[1] -
[2] -
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Is it OK to remove it now from 57 or did you want to wait until after the version is bumped to 58?
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM] from comment #5)
> Is it OK to remove it now from 57 or did you want to wait until after the
> version is bumped to 58?

As per comment 3, it's ok to remove it from 57.
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Try looks happy.
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remove the os_shutting_down scalar and related code

Review of attachment 8900296 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for the help Ryan, this looks good.
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Remove the os_shutting_down scalar and related code. r=dexter
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